I was raised in New Orleans, LA. I was enveloped by the arts at a young age. I had always sketched through my adolescence; and when I got into high school, I had the privilege to attend the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. There I learned the basis to my techniques due to their pre-professional arts program. I predominately focused on Drawing, Painting, and Photography; though I also studied Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics and Digital Media.  To further my education, I attended both Savannah College of Art and Design and Cornish College of the Arts (without completion). There I studied Painting, and Graphic Design. Life presented circumstances that has put a hold on my professional education; however I consider the need for education endless. After living in Seattle, WA for the past few years, now I currently reside in Orlando, FL and continue to self-educate daily.
 My artwork in this stage of my life has been refined to encompass the things that touch my heart. Every completed work holds deep meaning to me that I can only express creatively. We all have ways of expressing ourselves; this is simply my way in its rawest forms. Don't be afraid to pull meaning from each piece and pertain it to your own life.
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