Ars Moriendi or "The Art of Dying", is a religious set of Latin texts from the 15th century. Ars Moriendi consists of six chapters of text and depictions to portray man's fight against temptation, in an attempt to navigate his way to a "good death". The "good death" is considered a death that is free of biblical temptation and filled with redemption by Christ. If someone doesn't follow these guidelines of Ars Moriendi, they won't find peace in the afterlife. To me, it becomes easy to see why so many of us are afraid of death. How am I supposed to find peace in death, if they're causing my fear of having a "bad death"? Throughout history, man has attempted to find his own comforts for death. Each religion, its own form of a simplified and organized death; each with their own perspectives on who to be, what to do, how to think and feel. All of those things are ultimately just written and practiced versions of someone else's  perspective on the afterlife. Then I came to the conclusion that my death is about my perspective.

We all find ourselves in one place - the present. Our perspective from within this permanent position in the present, we are often unaware of the seamless experience constantly occurring around us. Our pasts reside behind us, and our futures lay in front. This perspective yields many advantages and for some, disadvantages. We are able to use our past only to influence our futures; and yet we will never know our futures until they become our present. I can't help but be reminded to take stock of my own life. In doing so, I remember that this all one seamless experience; Only I, the subject, can only perceive this experience for myself. My Life is in my past, my Consciousness in my present, and my Death in my future. I am my past, present, and my future. My perspective in this timeline lends itself, so that I can see the beauty of all that's around me. The beauty lies in every aspect of my past and present; By choosing to see the beauty of my past I am able to create the beauty in my future. Through that beauty, I am able to shed the fear of my future, and the pain of my past. There is no good death, no bad death; No rules and no judgement from others. Just a cycle of perspective, and I.
My life is my death; my death is my life. More importantly, My death is my own, only if my life is my own. 
Oil on canvas; 40 in. x 30 in.
Signature Detail
Original concept sketch.
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