"Tact" is a series of drawings entitled: "Tongue Tied", "Frayed Words", and "Your Words - My Gallows".
"Tongue Tied" is for those moments when we have all the words to say but simply can't get the message across.
"Frayed Words" is for all of those broken promises. Just words falling off your tongue with no real intent.
"Your Words - My Gallows" are for all of the words spewed out of anger and hatred.

I'd like to say that I'm tactful but honestly I'm not. I don't think anyone really is; but its the effort that matters most. You never know how far your words will carry in life. Most often it's the small moments, with very few words used, that stick with you the longest.

"Tongue Tied"
Ink/Graphite 2015
19 in. x 11.25 in.
"Frayed Words"
Ink/Graphite 2015
26 in. x  10.5 in.
"Your Words - My Gallows"
Ink/Graphite 2015
9 ft. x 5 ft.
Detail "Your Words - My Gallows"
Detail "Your Words - My Gallows"
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